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We Drive

We can transport your vehicle of almost any type.

We can Transport a Uhaul vehicle *that you have loaded. The driver is never responsible

for the contents of the vehicle. You must separately insure the contents and the vehicle.


We can drive your car to a long distance destination so you don't have to!


We can drive your van to a long distance destination so you don't have to!


We can drive your SUV to a long distance destination so you don't have to!


We can drive your truck to a long distance destination so you don't have to!

Mr. Logistics

Driver Transport services are often cheaper than shipping a car on a trailer. The process it takes to book a drive away is easy! *Driver Transport services do add some mileage to the odometer. Natural exposure to the roads and elements occurs. The time it takes to driver transport your vehicle is based on 8 hours drive time per day as per National safety standards. *Traffic and roadway accessibility also can vary depending on route and destination.


Insuring your car for transport, means that you will not have to cover expenses in the case of damages while in transit. You will get financial coverage for any injuries that drivers or pedestrians may suffer during the transit. Additionally, if your car is stolen when being transported, you can get financial support to replace it. The same could happen if it is destroyed by a fire, etc. Generally, car "insurance for transport" comes with security. Even as you hand it to the auto transport company, you know that you will not bear any burdens, if something unforeseen happens. The terms and costs of the insurance policy will depend on the company that you go to. Check with your auto insurance provider about  "insurance for transport"  today!

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