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Since 1986 I've intently studied and progressed through the various regions of mind development, personal development and writing wizardry. My philosophy is simple, write to you as if we're in a coffee shop, plain and simple. I'm not an editor, I'm a sales person, who just happens to do their job at a typewriter, to a million people at once, one person at a time. 

Knowing what to say, when to say it, and why you're saying it are just some of the major keys to writing great copy. Kids right out of college who haven't developed the internal compass of 'knowing' yet are better suited as mere editors, to grammertize rather than create. 

I break the rules of proper english because the matrix of the human psyche don't obey proper english. It obeys to the natural laws of the primordial ooze which emenated with you at birth, all subsequent programming is only secondary to that which is already in you. You can dye your hair but you cannot change your DNA. 


Kurt T Kopf

Founder & CEO

My objective is to come up with angles that inherently move your reader through the copy and arouse a desire within them that they already have. Making the connection to pre-existing conditions is the hardest job of the advertising copywriter

Making the Connection

Making a connection is the job of the copywriter. The copy you write can be sloppy or neat, depending on the target audience, and what they respond to, but it better make the connection. I've seen many disclaim this fact only to be taken down by their own egos.

Unity is the first primary spiritual principle, no person is moved into action towards fruition of any agenda without it. Divide and conquer is the principle in which failure is insight upon any group.


The two are rules of human consciousness as solid as gravity itself. To instill confidence and trust one must be unified with their prospects.

Conversation Style

Writing as if I'm speaking to you at the local coffee shop is the most effective way to communicate in any form what so ever. This communication style is filled with run-ons and improper english, and this is okay. 

What this does is make the vital connection with you, the reader, at a personal level. It speaks to you with the language of the heart that people really hear.


Rather than coming at you with a steamroller sales pitch, or an overly heady intellectual resume, we connect, just like we're doing here now, shoulder to shoulder, mono e mono. You trust me and I like you, you feel this now as I write.


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